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Ron Blue

Ron Blue is uniquely suited to be a voice of clarity and confidence for your financial decisions. With more than forty years of experience in the financial services industry and having authored more than 15 books on personal finance from a biblical perspective, Ron speaks with experience, integrity, and perspective. His insight into financial decision-making is grounded in biblical wisdom and has been tested over time in the lives of thousands he has touched. Ron’s professional expertise and faith journey are integrated into all of his advice and counsel.

Why This? Why now? Why You?

Welcome! I am so glad you are here. This website represents the culmination of a dream for me. I’ve spent the last several decades of my life as a Christian in the financial services industry.

Over the years, I’ve had a growing dream of sharing what I’ve learned about sound financial decision making with as many people as possible. Over and over, I have observed that financial unrest in a person’s life can be one of the primary ways that they become distracted and fearful. Getting to a place of financial confidence and freedom by applying sound principles and godly wisdom is a huge relief in life.

I wish that you could have been with me along the way. I’ve been blessed over and over by hearing the stories of people just like you who have been able to simplify their financial lives while testifying to the work of God in their lives through their money. All sound financial advice has its roots in scriptural wisdom. Sure, there are many technicalities, terms, and tools when it comes to money. They are all important, and I want to share those, too. However, my main goal is to frame all of the financial “how tos” in a setting of eternal wisdom and truth. That way, you are free to follow your heavenly Father rather than following your own fears or frustrations.

This website is being built with you in mind. You are the one I hope to reach and encourage. The effectiveness of your decisions, your goals, and your legacy depend on your ability to put to rest financial confusion and fear. This website is my gift to you just as God’s truth is a gift to all of us.

We live in confusing financial times. We pray faithfully about the uncertainties of tomorrow. We desire to leave a legacy of faith while sometimes fearing that today’s choices undermine that desire.

At the same time, we trust God’s faithfulness. We believe that we have a place in His eternal purposes. We gratefully acknowledge His provision and His plan.

We know that our money is more than just money. Our money is a reflecting pool that shows us our own dreams and our own fears. It is also a reflecting pool that shows us God’s provision and His guidance in our lives. is uniquely suited to this time in my life and in your life. As we build this website, my heart’s desire is to give you a gift. I want to give to you the full body of experience and insight that God has given to me over the last forty years. I want you to be able to face today’s questions, uncertainties, callings, and blessings with a full complement of financial support and biblical wisdom.

Someone once said that, “you make your choices and then your choices make you.” Through our choices, we all desire to build a strong financial future that reveals God’s faithfulness and our faith to our families and to the world.

My prayer is that will embolden you to make choices that reveal the priorities that God has placed on your heart.

Many years ago, I forfeited the belief that I could pull myself up by my own bootstraps. Having been raised as the son of a farmer and factory worker in 1950s Indiana, I was an independent soul.

Forty years later, after having been married to a wonderfully strong woman, raising five children, and starting three companies, I am convinced that true success is born of teamwork!

That’s why you are here. I may have the financial experience and the life perspective, but you have the ideas, the questions, and the pressures of life.

We are building this site for you. Right now, I have years of published content and a lifetime of teaching. I desire to connect that knowledge with the poignancy of your needs and concerns. It would be a huge honor to me if you would join our “virtual feedback loop.” By keeping you in “the loop” with short weekly video messages and feedback opportunities (such as surveys), I want to partner with you in the development of this site.

This website is for you. You are the best expert on you. Please, add your voice to our team and join us in the journey.

Thank you, ahead of time, for your participation!